Why the Quran and the Jacob of Serugh has so much similarity?

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Rakib Islam asked 3 months ago
Salam Brother Many Western academics find intercession between the Quran and the work of Jacob of Serugh. Like the inimitability of the Quran and many Quranic stories. Need a response to thisWhy the Quran and the work of Jacob of Serugh have so much similarity? Example: Ismail is the one who is getting slaughtered, Dhul Qarnayn, Musa-Kihdir, inimitability of the Quran. I know that the Jacob of Serugh was dead 50 years before prophet pbuh was born. but what about the homilies of Jacob of Serugh?
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On behalf of the authors answered 2 months ago

A writer Fida Omar said,

Jacob Serugh's works were written after Islamic conquest. Around 710 AD, that is, about 80 years after the Qur'an. Jacob Serugh's manuscript was found after the Qur'an was revealed. So most academics reject them, take them as just theories, do not take them seriously.

One of our writer Asif Mehedi said,

based on authorship distribution, the Qur'an and Bukhari different from each other due to the moto ineffable literature. so about Jacob this is a naive thought.

Another writer Iftekhar Hossain Simanto said,

Brother, you will get many more such claims from the Orientalists. One said that, ‘the Qur'an was written before the birth of Muhammad. It was written by a group in Syria’. So their claims are not something to take so seriously.

Another writer M. Asif Rahman said,

The Quran is perfect. Some Syrian high priest couldn't fathom such thing.

Another writer ben,

The Bible also has a lot in common with the Qur'an, there is some similarity with current science, literature of that time, and many other things. So it doesn't prove anything.

Fida Omar replied to Ben,

There are some things in common, but that depends on interpretation at translation. also depends on the academic who brought the case who's perspective matters most.


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